Ecstatic Dance


Team Bios (Alphabetical)

Gwyn Davis


Gwyn Davis is the owner and founder of Mind and Body Fitness Connections where she works as a Wellness Coach and Qigong Instructor.  She has been working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness fields for over 20 years and is passionate about helping her clients and students heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Her background includes a Psychology Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy, Corrective Exercise, and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. She is a certified Qigong and Food Healing Instructor and is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist.In her practice she helps clients enjoy greater health and happiness by educating them about how to balance their nervous system using nutrition, movement and meditation, meeting them where they are currently at in life.


Gwyn feels that in order to truly achieve a life of fulfillment we have to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits. She believes we need to spend time in nature, find a higher purpose in life and renew our spirits with creative outlets such as dance, art, music, literature and meditative practices.


Bryce Delbridge


A lifelong percussionist & tribal medicine initiate, Bryce’s healing path was forged at the age of 15 to avoid having his entire spine fused with titanium for severe scoliosis. Bryce circumferenced the globe searching for relief & higher states of consciousness with Musicians, Healers, Yoga Masters, Shamans & Sages. 


In 2013, Bryce began a project called the MOON MIXES. Every 2 weeks on the New Moon & Full Moon, Bryce curates a DJ Mix capturing the essence of the energies present & shares these celestial sounds with the world. Now, with nearly 200 Moon Mixes the momentum has facilitated Bryce as the resident DJ & co-founder for the thriving Ecstatic Dance OKC community.


Alchemizing his curses into blessings, Bryce travels the world empowering others with the same healing tools that bring him relief through sound, dance, yoga, movement, meditation, stillness. breath, bodywork & sacred ceremony.





Stephen Joseph [For / In Light]


For/In Light (Stephen Joseph) is an ambient sound artist and producer. His work centers on Shamanic sound explorations, remembrances and evocations accompanied by original ambient recordings, drones, vocal toning, singing bowls, electronics, singing, bells and folk instruments. Stephen's ambient journeys explores the esoteric and the mundane, from Shamanic elements like Throat Singing, hypnotic drums and chanting to trains, marketplaces and airports. What is typical of his ambient is the coexistence of all of these disparate elements and the tension and interplay between them.




Joious Melody


Joious Melodi is a retired school teacher with a second career as a Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Practitioner , Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, and Certified Watsu Therapist.

She is currently director of the nonprofit - Radiant Living Center, where they promote finding joy in Wellness in body mind and spirit.

She’s been doing energy bodywork since 2001 using individual session, small groups and education classes about energy, how to clear your own energy blocks, and become more of who you long to be; tapping into you own inner wisdom and guidance.


She believes that Ecstatic Dance is a great way to surrender to the sound of the vibrational music and get in touch with that inner spark that longs to live freely and alive! It’s a great way to express and release stuck emotions in a safe environment, allowing the body to feel joy & wellness!






Risa Wilkinson


Risa Wilkinson is an Oklahoma native with a heart for travel, community and the earth. Soon after graduating high-school at Classes SAS as a theater major, she discovered her love of culture and people. She soon traveled to Pennsylvania and  become a facilitator for a national progra Creating a Culture of Peace. Since then she has volunteered and worked for local organizations such as the Oklahoma Peace House, Manos Juntas and the Peace Education Institute. She has always had a passion for art and dance, and she spent almost a decade learning from and performing with local bellydance school- AALIM Dance Academy.


She is currently living in Spencer, Oklahoma where she and her family are trying to create a sustainable and spiritual event space, Mettawing. She recently returned to the University of Central Oklahoma to study biology and sustainability, but always has time for a warm cup of Cacao, good friends and of course dancing.